About me


My name is Patricia, I am the mother of Lucía, Bruno and Nico.

CASA FILOMENA is the result of many years of work pursuing a childhood illusion. As a child, I played for hours and hours in kitchens and hosted my dolls in a beautiful little wooden house.

“For me a dream is like a drawing that you have in your head that comes to life. You have to imagine it first. And then you have to work a lot to make it come true ”* (WONDER, R.J. PALACIO)

Graduated in Law, after 6 years working in tax consultancy, I decided to leave a stable job to dedicate myself to cooking, my great passion. Initially, I enjoyed a complete training in cooking at the Hofmann School of Hospitality, which I later completed with the Master in Nutrition and Public Health at the UOC. After more than 12 years dedicated to the exciting world of restoration (restaurant and catering advice) I opened the Casa Filomena cooking school in January 2019, to convey to young and old my love for cooking and healthy eating.

And finally, it was time to carry out my great project.

I feel very lucky to be able to combine my two passions:

my family and CASA FILOMENA.

From CASA FILOMENA I want to share my way of life, love for things well done, love for small details, longing for a conscious life, respect and care for the environment, enjoyment of unique moments, enjoyment of the simple things.

Count on me if you need help organizing your trip and visit to Barcelona.